Skyline Sky-Lites Continuous Skylights

Skyline’s continuous vault, ridge, pyramid, and tandem skylights offer the designer an opportunity to include dramatic skylighting into the project in a very cost-effective manner.

Using standard width dimensions cuts costs as well as reducing product lead-time while allowing for infinite lengths.

All Skyline Sky-Lites designs incorporate a stacking gutter system consisting of both primary and secondary weep gutters within the aluminum extrusions. The integral gutters stack above one another at intersecting points directing any moisture to the exterior of the building. This provides a mechanical, leak-proof design, which is not dependent on exterior sealants that could fail over time.

Our systems are offered as conventionally capped on all four sides with no exposed fasteners, as well as two and four sided structural silicone glazed which eliminates any obstruction of the glazed surface. Our framing profiles vary from a nonstructural skin system to an 8″ depth to accommodate various spans and loading requirements.

The vast array of shapes, sizes, styles and finishes available in Skyline Sky-Lites allow you the opportunity to enrich and brighten any space with the invigorating rays of the sun.

We have been manufacturing skylights for residential and commercial applications since 1973. Experience has refined our product and has enabled us to offer you an opportunity to add lasting value and aesthetic appeal to your project.

We are capable of providing anything from a small dome skylight through a fifty-foot free-spanning glass structure.

Skyline’s wide variety of sizes and shapes in unit skylights can find an application in any type of construction commercial, industrial, or residential.

Skyline Sky-Lites Skylights Brochure

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