Innovative Fire & Smoke Protection Systems

Providing innovative and aesthetically appealing fire and smoke containment systems to fit any purpose and any opening in buildings.
Our complete range of fire & smoke rated curtain systems is flexible – both physically and in application. Our protective systems can cover any opening, from small dimension dumbwaiters and pass-through counters to expansive atrium spaces and proscenium curtains for theater stage spaces.

Fixed Draft Curtains

SG Draft is a code-compliant, lightweight, fixed fabric curtain, semi-permanent or temporary, system for large vertical openings. The SG Draft SGTex10 smoke curtain material is a glass filament fabric with a glass fiber material on one side.

Horizontal Smoke & Fire Curtains

The Smoke Guard Model 3000 system provides a lightweight, compact alternative for atrium protection, and in certain cases can eliminate the need to meet costly atrium building code provisions such as smoke evacuation.

Elevator smoke Curtains

Invented by Smoke Guard, elevator smoke curtains provide unmatched design flexibility and aesthetics by allowing elevators to open directly onto rated corridors without the need for space consuming lobbies or additional swing doors.

Vertical Fire & Smoke Curtains

The Smoke Guard model M2500 is a vertically deploying fire and smoke rated curtain which is an economical choice for openings. This solution works well for atrium separation, openings in walls, and for specialty enclosures where fire-rated protection is required.

Perimeter Fire Curtains

Smoke Guard’s M4000 fire-rated curtain does not require corner support posts and is the ideal solution for vertically deploying perimeter curtain applications. This type of fire curtain can shield staircases or escalators from smoke and flames, or provide a reservoir for smoke on the upper floors of an atrium or other.

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