Skyline Sky-Lites Aluminum Framed Structural Skylights

The aluminum framing used in Skyline’s structural skylight systems has been designed and engineered to incorporate structural and functional integrity, versatility in design, and a clean appearance.

A stacking gutter system is an integral part of all our designs and assures trouble free performance by collecting any moisture entering the unit and channeling it to the exterior.

Each and every system we produce incorporates a stacking gutter design consisting of both p r i m a ry and secondary weep gutters within the aluminum extrusions. The integral gutters stack above one another at intersecting points dire c t i n g any moisture to the exterior of the building. This provides a mechanical, leak-proof design, which is not dependent on exterior sealants that could fail over time

The open architecture of our system lends itself well to any geometric shape at any pitch. Our designs are not limited to any particular glazing type or thickness thereby allowing the designer full use of the vast array of glazing options available.

Skyline offers conventionally capped framing systems with no exposed fasteners, as well as two and four sided structural silicone glazed systems, which eliminate the obstruction of water on the glazing surface of the skylight. Available frame finishes include clear and color anodized, flouropolymer (kynar 500) or acrylic enamel paint, as well as powder coating.

Structural Pyramid Skylights
The structural pyramid offers the opportunity to fill a clear opening with a completely self supporting glazing structure. This allows the designer to give his building an open and airy atmosphere that pleases the eye and the mind.

Structural Polygon Skylights
The structural polygon by Skyline enhances the geometry of the building, while allowing warm, healthy, natural light to fill the room.

Structural Ridge Skylights
The structural ridge skylight provides a simple means of accenting traditional building designs.

Structural Barrel Vault Skylights
The structural barrel vault incorporates an eye pleasing contour while allowing the designer unlimited lengths. The quarter round skylight is an attractive variation of the barrel vault.

Skyline Sky-Lites Structural Skylights Brochure

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